The Next Level of Virtual Reality

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Virtual reality has been brought to a new level as many new organizations have added virtual reality to their platforms. Organizations such as ABC, USA Today, and The New York Times are some that have incorporated virtual reality on their platforms.

First, what is virtual reality? It is still in its early stages, so I will explain. Virtual Reality Society describes virtual reality as a, “three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with by a person.” Now that virtual reality is used in the news, it will be interesting to see where this new concept will go.

I was informed by App Accessories that virtual reality was around about 20 years ago. It can even be found talked about back in 1938. I was unaware of this and so are many others. Virtual reality did not pick up well and with today’s technology it is more accessible and affordable. It is so easy to access virtual reality that people only have to pull their phone out of their pocket.

Virtual reality is used a lot in the gaming industry. Education, movies, entertainment, marketing, and sports are some other ways that Virtual Reality, or VR can be used. Have you ever wanted to travel somewhere but couldn’t at the time? Or have you needed a getaway from the stress? VR makes traveling around the world right from your own home possible. VR has also been a resource used to train workers such as those in the military.

Journalists are interested in virtual reality. They are taking more time to study VR and how to use this to tell news. The 360 video view is something journalists are still getting used to. New organizations are working with companies like Google and Samsung to expand

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their idea of virtual reality in the news. News is so faced paced, will news organizations be able to keep up?

With new technology almost always has issues. VR also has some issues and I will explain some of them. According to Time, one issue is that people may get sucked into this virtual world too much and experience the real world less. It has already happened in technology with video games, cell phones, Ipads, etc. Although VR is bringing you reality virtually, it can be an escape from the real world which is an important issue.

It can also add on to problems we face as society of socializing in the real world by giving us another outlet to social on that is not in the real world. Another issue is physical health. Since the headsets used for VR display right in someone’s face this could cause issues with vision if it is used for long amounts of time. Dizziness and nausea are other possible effects of using VR for too long. Is this going to bring more issues to physical health? That is something to think about as virtual reality evolves more.

One last problem is the price. I know I explained that a reason VR

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thrived was because it was more affordable. It can be more affordable, but it can also still be pricey. The highest level virtual reality package can cost up to $3,000. That is not cheap.



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The Next Web explained some hurdles that came with the evolution of VR. One hurdle is that it would be too expensive. VR has found some ways to overcome this issue, but if you are interested in buying a VR package, it could get pricey. Virtual reality also had to overcome thoughts of it not being good enough. There were also thoughts about the world not being ready for VR. Today, virtual reality has learned these hurdles could be jumped over and VR is exceeding expectations already.

The evolution of virtual reality is not done and we can expect more to come with it. It could possible be our next computing platform, as The Motley Fool describes. Home videos may be coming to VR. This also comes along with not being able to forget anything anymore. It can also be expected to impact other senses such as temperature and smell.

Advancements and changes in virtual reality for news organizations will be interesting. By 2020 there are predictions that the virtual reality market can climb to $22.4 billion. Virtual reality is still in its early stages, so it may be awhile before we see some of these predictions happen. It will also take some time before it comes mainstream. Virtual reality has the potential to get there and looks like it may be well on it’s way.



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